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Heating stone man knows since he can remember . The topics in the Roman saunas Nordic nation to the present day principle water heating and bathroom was the same red-hot stone heater .
Historical experience and the latest technology for modern living conditions of the most economical and healthiest MER - marble electric heater or heating working and living quarters hot marble stone .

Pleasant and uniform heat radiation, which comes from natural materials marble, creating healthy microclimate in zagrevnoj room, without drying , and air pollution . Full security against electric shock, fire and burns.
Medically speaking , this is one of the healthiest ways of heating .

For each of our product warranty 5 years , you can order your MED ( marble electric radiator ) over the phone that you can find the option under the contact or you can visit us in the street : Knjaževačka 161/6 , we deliver right to assembly .
MER can stand on its feet and can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally.

Benefits MEM

- Does not take up any space in your apartment
- Pay as much energy is consumed , but not pre-
- Not even need a basement or closet, or tank
- No smoke , carrying coal or wood , carrying the ashes
- No odor no lifting or blowing dust
- Does not have to be every spring whiten apartment
- Ecology , economics , aesthetics ...

A room of average quality construction of 10m ² or 25m ³ capacity heater warms a power of 1 kW even at the lowest temperatures . In this, the radiator had a power of 8 kW for 24 hours.