Address: Crnomasnica, Negotin
Phone: +381 19 3530 530
Phone 2: +381 63 485 011
Web: CHARDONNAY – You do not have to go far to get this bubbly white wine of noble taste made of special sort of grapes, probably made by naturalizing of pinot noir. It will conquer you easily with its light sour shade in taste and golden color. It is served in special glasses, but the best are the famous RIEDEL glasses made in Austria. It goes best with sea food, grilled blue fish, brodette, shrimps. It is excellent as aperitif. CABERNET SAUVIGNON – One of the best known and most respected wines in the world, in its best domestic edition. It is believed that its name is coming from the French word SAUVAGE that means SAVAGE. It has an incredibly strong but still subtle harmonic dry taste. It is kept in special barrels, and about its usefulness for heart and soul nothing should be said that is not already known. It is served with red meat, venison, fish, lasagna, and certain kinds of cheese; the ideal temperature is 16°C. Wine cellar Radulovic is located 50 km from Zajecar, 27km from Negotin at the right bank of th eTimok river, at the altitude of 185m.