Address: 7 Pop Lukina st., Loznica
Phone: +381 15 882 192
Phone 2: +381 62 268 808

Restaurant "Old Town" is located in the center of town, and already more than 40 years is the place great atmosphere and even better food.

The restaurant has 60 seats in one of the most beautiful gardens in the city and is suitable for all kinds of celebrations.

Our guests can at any time choose between a large number of cooked dishes, grilled dishes and roast meat, all of superior quality and taste, a very reasonable price.

In our restaurant you can also enjoy the food made according to old recipes and more than a hundred years, with the inevitable homemade cream and hot cake from the furnace of the restaurant.

Restaurant "Old Town" is the winner of awards for quality both in our country and abroad, namely in Poland in Plock, where we were twice as absolute winners in the presentation of the national cuisine.