Address: Durmitorska nn., Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 244-001, +381 16 247-511, +381 63 645-464

4/ 5stars

Of social care home for old Autumn Sunshine is located at 2km from the city center at Durmitor bb and extends to about 1300 square meters of living space. We offer accommodation in comfortable rooms of apartments (one, two, three and four), and accommodation in hospital with 24-hour surveillance. Each of our rooms has its own bathroom customized according to company needs. There is the possibility of living and the ability to care for your home that is arrival of our caregivers to your home address. Our home has a very nice part of the beautiful park with benches for walking. As part of our services are: - visits to a GP - visits to a specialist - Cooperation with laboratories - Cooperation with emergency aid - Social service - Fixed care carried out in accordance with standards - 5 meals a day - unlimited number of hot and cold beverages. It is also available for women's hair salon and barber shop and laundry washing and ironing. If you want to spend time with their peers, our home is the place for you.