Address: 8 Kneza Milosa st., Kragujevac
Phone: +381 34 333 322
Phone 2: +381 65 333 32 20
Web: www.dekoracijezavencanja.com

CVEĆARA BIS is well known of Kragujevac (and not only them).

Since 1998 the flower shop is a place where buying flowers on various occasions.

As time went by, and workload grew, CVEĆARA BIS has morphed in place for the event planing, so they can hire you to plan the celebration details.

However, what particularly stands out CVEĆARA BIS from other floral arrangements are adapted to every occasion on which they have become famous.

CVEĆARA BIS beautify a large number of weddings, made a number of unique Biedermeier and decorations for weddings, with the hope that it will make you happy and the newlyweds and their guests.

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