Address: Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 69 226 69 89
4/ 5stars

Kent Candle Ltd. is a company from Kragujevac engaged in the production of ornamental, aromatic and decorative candles that are made from the highest quality paraffin, colors and flavors.

We managed to combine originality, aesthetics and quality.

Confirmation that we get at every step, from individual customers to the orders of elite restaurants and more orders companies of our candlelight classified into representative presents to their business partners.

We have a very successful cooperation with flower shops and wedding agencies for organizations throughout Serbia and neighboring countries.

In addition to quality, we also won a very competitive prices and thus every cooperation to the mutual satisfaction and benefit.

Each candle is done in all primary colors, color combination, as well as in all shades of colors available.

Your only wish, call us at 069 / 224-40-46 and we desire into light which will illuminate your best moments.

We have over 100 models of candles, which can be viewed and ordered on our official Facebook page Kent Candle.