Address: 4 Trg Oslobodjenja st., Kovin
Phone: +381 60 334 98 75
Email: info@talijalab.com
Web: www.talijalab.com

Thalia Mikorlab the first private laboratory in the municipality of Kovin.

With years of experience of the team that is the creator laboratories Thalia Mikorlab from now and all the citizens of Metal and metal municipality available laboratory which is equipped with all requirements of the law on health care, it will be adequate and qualified personnel to all its customers provide quality, fast and affordable laboratory Diagnostics.

Thanks to the support Thalia Lab laboratories all patients Thalia Mikorlaba can do in one place all the time from laboratory diagnostics.

The mission team Thalia Mikorlaba is that private laboratory becomes available to every individual.

Everyday discounts and actions, as well as special packages with special prices are, in addition to quality service, something that our laboratories are known.

If you come to the lab strenuous or medical condition prevented us community nursing team to the call comes to your home!