Address: 41a Jna st, Kovin
Phone: +381 13 743-051
Phone 2: +381 63 86 75 701

Dental Practice "MILADENT" was established in 1999. Through years of development work and we got thousands of satisfied patients, both local people and from abroad. During more than a decade of work, efforts were made to follow the world trends in the mode as well as modernization of the technical details of surgery. Following these trends, we got a modern office that works with specialists from several areas. The materials we work with the world-renowned and clinically proven to be reliable preparations. Hygiene in the dental office is at a high level. We offer: CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY Intraoral camera for early detection of dental caries; Inlay-composite and amalgam fillings; Treatment of tooth-pulp in the treatment of diseases using the apex locator. Cosmetic Dentistry Setting zircon teeth and teeth whitening. Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry Training on proper oral hygiene of children; fissure sealing of permanent teeth; extraction and recovery of milk and permanent teeth; care of injuries of teeth and gums. DENTAL PROSTHETICS Making metalokeramičkih crown; Production of acrylic partial and complete dentures; Preparation of skeletal (Vizil) prosthesis; Development of the combined works (partial skeleton prosthesis with Attachments) ORTHODONTICS If necessary for the development comes specialists of mobile and fixed orthodontic appliances. PARODONTOLOGY Ultrasonic removal of tartar; Curettage of periodontal pockets; Training patients on proper oral hygiene. SURGERY Extraction of teeth and residual roots. We have done everything that your visit to the dentist is a lot of confidence and security. Opening hours: weekdays: 8 - 12 am and 16 - 20h Saturday: 9 - 13h We arrive at the invitation and agreed with the patient 00-24h. Mail: