Address: 056/008 Milana Mijalkovica st., Jagodina
Jagodina Phone: +381 61 265 2000
Phone 2: +381 66 252 264
4/ 5stars

We offer taxi transportation in Jagodina and the entire area of Pomoravlje.

We own air-conditioned vehicles driven by experienced and kind drivers who will make sure you get to your destination on time and with complete security.

We come to your location.

For larger mileage agreement is possible and for returning customers we offer discounts.

For students there is a special discount on the territory of Jagodina of 10%.

We also have a special promotion that goes until the end of the year for all tourists as well as our countrymen who are travelling abroad or returning from abroad. We offer taxi transportation from Belgrade airports to Jagodina and vice versa for 8500rsd or 70EU.

For more infor contact us via telephone.