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Written translations from the fields of law, economics, politics, literature, banking, science, philosophy, history, journalism, computer science, technical sciences, medicine, tourism, marketing, etc.

Translation includes all types of documents: diploma, diploma supplement, excerpts from registers of births / marriage / death certificates, all kinds of certificates, all kinds of contracts, registration, invoices, MSDS, manuals, books, etc.

FOr companies we offer translation services for tender documents, legal documents, contracts, invoices, web presentations, manuals, web sites, projects, etc.

All translations are done from English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, SLOVENIAN, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, MACEDONIAN, to Serbian and vice versa.

Written translation from and to over 10 languages is done by our authorized court interpreters and translators.
Our agency has deployed court interpreters-translators for English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Macedonian if you need a certified translation.

Spoken Translation - simultaneous, consecutive, whispering

In addition to
written translation services, we also offer interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive and whispered translation) because our agency has hired translators specialized in this area for all occasions: conferences, business talks, presentations, weddings, lectures, court-trial hearings, telephone conversations with foreign countries, and so on.

We also offer services of completing documents for visas, pensions, various types of application, putting a stamp, getting on the field at all times, and so on.

We also offer free consulting services in connection with the documents necessary for obtaining foreign pensions, the visa as well as reading them.

For everything you do not understand regarding documentation written in a foreign language, and you need some purpose, please contact us and get free advice and assistance.

If you are not in our city, we can send you the translation by courier, scanned, by email, or in a way that suits you, without any problems.

Agency for translation services "Translations Vidic" is characterized by many years of professional practice in translation, accuracy, speed, maximum helpfulness and especially the best price.

For regular customers and higher volumes of translations, we also offer special discounts and the possibility of agreement and permanently lower prices for customers who opt for a long-term cooperation with us.

Work with us and see the tradition and quality of services!