Address: 124 Kneginje Milice st., Jagodina
Jagodina Phone: +381 64 653 24 96
Phone 2: +381 65 470 01 67
4/ 5stars

It is quite new and so far unseen in Jagodina.

Cafe Living Room located at 124 Princess Milica street with its modern design, harmony, beautiful layout on two levels gives a sense of elegance, providing dear guests a cozy atmosphere and makes staying in it special.

Pleasant music, friendly staff and air-conditioned space, modern lines make the pleasure of drinking the best coffee in the morning and go out for a drink with friends and loved ones.

In addition to all we will be humble and not boast the best coffee in town as well as various kinds of freshly squeezed juices, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Come and see for yourself that we are special, they become friends and enjoy as in the living room.