Address: 5/1 Moravicka st., 32250 Ivanjica
Phone: +381 32 663 601, +381 32 362 024
Phone 2: +381 32 660 841, +381 32 660 840

The company "Gomid" Ltd. provides:
* Performance of steel structures and construction hardware
* Design of all types of structures in their own office
* Professional supervision in performing facilities
* Transportation of goods at home and abroad

Fabrication and installation of various types of steel structures such as, but not limited to:

* Hangars, warehouses and industrial building crane rail
* Roofs, upgrades.
* Support structures for lighting TV and movie studios, theater hall and a multimedia space
* Antenna towers and masts and telecommunication passive reflectors
* Construction of the warehouse (silos for powdered / granular materials, etc.).
* Construction of the power plants (nose} and boiler towers, boilers, cooling towers, chimneys, bridges, etc. Transportation. Pedestrian industrial trails)
* Special constructional methods (heavy lifting, repair welds in difficult conditions, preparation / awareness of various structures and equipment)
* Means of struts in the protection of fundamental pits
* Gas Stations
* Industrial buildings
* Corrosion and Fire Protection