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Dental Practice "Sanident" was founded in 2002 and based on the application of modern methods and materials in their work.

Loyalty and trust are built quality and continuing professional development, improving our knowledge and equipment.

The office provides all dental services for children and adults.

Children's dentistry
In young patients with an increased risk of caries encourage the use of Tooth Mousse, train patients proper brushing technique and a good selection of brushes.

Fissure sealing first permanent molars, which are springing up at a time when children were not mastered the technique of brushing the teeth, as the most effective method in preventing caries.

Available classic appliances with metal braces, cosmetic appliances with polycarboxylic, ceramic and sapphire glass brackets.
Oral surgery
- Surgical release of impacted teeth
- Mucogingival anomalies
- Resection of root-apicotomy
- Cystectomy
- Extraction of impacted teeth

When causal therapy is not enough, we also provide surgical therapy flap surgery with implantation of artificial bone / Bio oss /.
Gingivectomy-removal of excess gingival resulting in a reduction of gingival pocket.

Frenectomy-removal high attachment of the frenulum.
All types of mobile and fixed solutions, as well as their relationship to different types of attachments.
Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, metal free crowns-metal base is replaced by a core of zirconium porcelain.
Partial dentures, partial and total disc prosthesis.
Restorations of the most modern composite endodontic treatment machine enlargers.