Address: 10 Golubacki trg st., Golubac
Golubac Phone: +381 12 678 207
Phone 2: +381 12 638 552
4/ 5stars Hotel Golubacki Grad Golubac, represent expression of modern architectonic building, placed on the right side of river Danube, on the entrance of Djerdap narrow. Beside hotel is artificial bank, 2km long, with beautiful view on the 8 km broad lake, and fortress of Golubac. Beautiful, silente place for vacation, relaxation and recreation.There's many possibillities for any kind of recreation, walking, fishing...Beautiful forests, rich flora and fauna, Danube are symbols of Golubac. Near by Golubac,in the forest, you can see monestery Tumane, foundation of Milos Obilic, build in the 14th century.Monks still keeping relics of Zosim Sinait, whose tragic destiny is attached for Tumane. Near by monestery you can drink wather from well of youth, where is build the hermitage of Zosim Sinait. Hotel Golubacki Grad with his considerate personell, big assortment of drinks, first-class kitchen specialities, can offer to you: accomodation in 1/2 and 1/3 bed rooms with bathroom and terraces with view on Danube. Capacity of hotel is 130-200 beds.Other contents in the hotel are; TV room, quiet saloon, aperitiv bar,grill restaurant, main restaurant, gym, beauty salon... In our hotel you ca spent some unforgettable and pleasent moments... Welcome...



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