Address: nn Glavna st., Veliki Popović, Despotovac
Despotovac Phone: +381 35 621 744
Phone 2: +381 35 621 432
Phone 3: +381 63 705 23 70, +381 63 624 655
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"Aluma" Workshop for production of aluminum windows and doors in the Great Popovic was founded in 1977.

First in Resava began making metal doors from domestic materials. Since 1992 we have been producing aluminum doors and windows of Nisal's profile.

The company has a fast development after the establishment of cooperation with a partner from Greece.

The result of this collaboration is the import and placement on our market profile with thermal and without a thermal break and with a combination of Al-tree which is in the technical and aesthetic quality products.

We are constantly monitoring world trends in the field of aluminum joinery require that all potential free to invest in the improvement of production and despite the fact that the company is technologically fully equipped for the tasks they perform.

Today, the "Aluma" reputable company with a wide range of products of aluminum and PVC combined with Al-wood, doors, garage doors, blinds, shutters, fences, gates, glass ...

Our products have been incorporated into a number of business and residential buildings throughout Serbia and Europe.