Address: 2 Milosa Obilica st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 66 550 05 57
Phone 2: +381 69 550 05 57
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"Cartel shop" deals with the distribution of empty cigarettes with filter and accessories. The wide range of products of more than twenty types of empty cigarette with a filter, peppers, spinners, filters, tubes, reels and electric reels.


Successful existence of a cartel in the market, is a combination of professionalism, superior quality and thousands of satisfied customers who remain loyal to the brand.

"Cartel" is one of the 5 brands that MTobacco products and distributes them to over 40 countries worldwide.

In addition to the "Cartel" are also offered "Moreno" predominantly white filter, "Maxi Gold" unique in an elegant golden ring, "Desperados" and "Emperor", something quite unique -black cigarettes.

Try it and see for yourself why "CARTEL" the best-selling brand in the domestic market.

The offer includes:

-Cartel 100'S Red
-Cartel 100 S Blue
-Imperator Black
-Imperator Gold
-I White
-Cigarette cases
-Cartel 25mm
-Electrical Tuners


All products are manufactured from top quality raw materials in the EU and meet all European standards and regulations on the quality and health conditions.

It is very important that they are approved and certified by the Health and Sanitary Inspection of the Republic of Serbia.