Address: 52 Cara Dusana st., Arandjelovac
Phone: +381 34 701 900
Phone 2: 381 65 27 27 627


COMPANY "Blue Lagoon" is a privately held company headquartered in Aranđelovac.
Behind us are the successful business and many satisfied customers.
Our manufacturing process is automated and that the final products meet international and local standards.

Installation services and we provide the assembly with the help of the latest equipment and machinery.

We offer professional installation of wires, poles and gate installation date equipment and technology.
Have cars for transporting purchased wire or poles.
Our team is capable of fast and efficient installation and installation of all our products in all types of terrain.
Our Products:

-coated wire fence
-galvanized wire fence
-panel fence galvanized and PVC
-plasticized poles
-concrete poles

Panel fencing is made from galvanized wire and powder coating. Most often used for fencing the yard, offices, etc.. Panel fences are mostly built on concrete Čokl. We offer more colors.

Woven wire SMALL knitting (RABIC, Hexagon)

Poles for fences (concrete, metal, plastic)

Nails and tensioners, panel, FARMER FENCE